"Sweat Room is unique boutique gym, which gives off a much more welcoming and intimate environment compared to larger main stream gyms. This allows every person who walks through our doors to feel immediately welcome and part of our team. Working one on one with clients or in a small group allows me to put my own spin on things, whilst putting in 100% of my time and effort to help clients achieve their goals".

Growing up in a household of fitness fanatics has made Luke fall in love with the industry. Having played competitive Rugby as a young man and has always maintained a high level of fitness from the age of 11, now 10 years on Luke hasn't once looked back. His level 3 Personal Training qualification and love of fitness makes for a great mix for focus and practicality.

 Luke specialises in all types of resistance training, covering free weights, machines, and body weight exercises.   His programmes are designed to help achieve body transformations, weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Luke welcomes all clients with different goals. He will put 100% of his time and effort to help clients achieve their goals, if they do the same, results are guaranteed. Contact Luke if you wan to make a change.


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