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Our No.1 Goal is to help you get fitter, stronger and healthier

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  • Be awesome with one of our Sweat pros

    Be awesome with one of our Sweat pros

  • Immaculate standards & no waiting around

    Immaculate standards & no waiting around

  • Train harder better smarter...

    Train harder better smarter...

With One-to-One you're better

At Sweatroom, your one-to-one sessions will be performed within our fully equipped, air-conditioned studio, providing the perfect environment for your workouts.

Upon your first meeting with your trainer, a simple physical assessment will be conducted to see where you are currently at, also providing a chance to discuss any past or present injuries and limitations that you may have when performing physical activities. We also offer the facility for more in-depth body analysis, such as body fat percentage assessments, blood pressure, flexibility, strength and endurance tests  should you wish to have these readings recorded.

Taking into consideration your goals, physical ability and points discussed throughout your initial assessment, bespoke programmes and training sessions will be written for you by your trainer. Due to the extensive range of equipment located on our gym floor, your workouts will be kept varied and challenging from session to session, always allowing you to try new moves and training techniques.

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