5 Natural ways to Increase your Testosterone (T) levels

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Thursday, December 07 2017

We get to an age in about our mid thirties when our T levels start to decrease, which can mean a decrease in muscle mass, increase in fat storage, decrease in strength, decrease in focus and sex drive. It’s even been linked to edginess, anger, irritability and aggression.


So how can we naturally increase our T levels to counteract these negatives?



1. Fats for breakfast - T is produced in the body by cholesterol, which is derived fat. What we want to do is tap our free T,  the form of T that works on your muscle tissue.   A study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that men who ate more than 100 grams of fat per day for 2 weeks had less of a hormone that binds to T called sex-hormone-binding globulin.  The result was they had higher levels of free T.


Naturally our T levels are higher in the morning so having a fatty breakfast will help support  our free T (the T we want).


Examples fats for breakfast - Eggs, cheese, butter,  bacon.


2. Cruciferous Veg - one way to keep T levels high is to keep estrogen levels in check. Too much estrogen can make you look soft and watery so we need to keep this in balance so your testosterone can work.

Cruciferous Veg like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale,  eaten on a daily basis can help to reduce your estrogen levels. These vegetables have a high level of phytochemicals which work to block estrogen production.


3. Avoid eating chemicals -  Eat better quality grass fed or organic foods especially meats, chicken and fish to help avoid T killing chemicals. Wash the pesticides off your fruit and veg.  Avoid plastic chemicals by using glass (tupperware/bottles) for what you drink and eat out of.  

4. Weight/HIIT training -  doing compound movements with heavier weights, so squats, deadlift, bench press  etc. it causes a secretion of T later because of the recovery needed for this type of training.  Or if your thing is cardio - then high intense interval training ie, 90 seconds ON 60 seconds OFF is a great ratio for this.

5. VIT D - from sunlight, food & supplementation.  Many studies have shown a significant increase in T levels when exposed to sunlight and by eating Vit D.  The reason why is not clear but experts have suggested its needed for T synthesis.

These are 5 easy steps you can follow to try and get your T levels back on track and to help you with your training, focus and feeling good.


See you next time!  

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