3 Foods To Help With Water Retention & Bloat

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, August 05 2017

How do you drop excess water -  A Diuretic?

First what is a Diuretic and how does it work?

A Diuretic helps your body to get rid of sodium and chloride and usually water along with it. It's usually prescribed to people with hypertension or other health issues.


So we want to drop some water after a big Chinese meal, or we just feel bloated and full. So how can we create this effect without taking a medicine?



Our Top 3 Foods


3. Asparagus - it contains asparagine, an amino acid that triggers the body to excrete more sodium  which will help the body to expel more water.


2. Dandelion Root Tea- increases urine output therefore water in the body is reduced. It also helps with digestion.



1. Parsley - This amazing herb is an Aquaretic. An aquaretic helps to maintain your electrolyte balance, while helping you to remove excess water.  Build this herb into your every day diet as its so easy to eat in salads or smoothies.



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