Fat Burning Hacks! - Combining Intermittent Fasting with a Ketogenic Diet

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, June 03 2017

We talked last time about intermittent fasting and what that means.  So how can we combine fasting and a ketogenic diet to maximise fat loss, Increase energy and make you feel great?

First what is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is effectively a very low-carb diet, usually below 50 grams of carbs per day.  Your body will look for an alternative energy system because there is a shortage of stored glycogen (carbs) .

If you are in ketosis, it means that your body is burning fat and producing ketones. Ketones do not burn fat, but indicate that your body is in fat-burning mode. Ketones can also make you feel good and some studies have show that your brain works really well on their energy supply.

Our bodies run on 9 kcal/fat gram & 4 kcal/carb gram.

So if we can get our bodies to run on fats more efficiently it's like running on jet fuel! You'll feel great, train harder and will be leaner.

So here's the ‘hack’-  if your fasting and in Ketosis

Break your fast with a small amount of protein (i.e a piece of chicken) no fats no carbs.  When you break your fast your body is very sensitive to what you eat and you will absorb it quickly.  You only want a small increase in your blood sugar with your first intake.

About 30-60 mins later have your proper meal of protein  and fats - NO CARBS.

Then 4-5 hours later have another protein and fats meal. NO CARBS.

What this can effectively do is keep your body in a ketogenic state for longer after you break your fast and encourages your body to run on fats for longer.  

After several decades of running on a heavy carb fuelled energy system this method can take a bit of getting used to.  So planning your food and having the meals prepped and ready will make all the difference.


Wishing you all to run on jet fuel - See you next time!  


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