Use Springtime to Rejuvenate Your Resolution to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Written by Paige Johnson - Guest Writer from the U.S.A.
Tuesday, May 02 2017

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At the start of the year, you made a resolution, just like 41 percent of all Americans. But now spring has arrived, and your resolution bit the dust a few months back.  According to Statistic Brain, you’re not alone. Only 9.2 percent of people felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions in 2016. Don’t fret. You can rejuvenate your resolution this spring and get back on track toward living a healthier lifestyle. And this time, you’ll be successful.

Reasons You Failed

First, keep your adjustments simple in the beginning, and then work your way toward the extreme.  Deciding to cut out all red meat, cut out all dairy, cut out all refined sugars, exercise four times a week, do yoga three times a week, and drink eight glasses of water a day sounds great. But doing all of those things at once can be overwhelming. Instead, choose one or two, and once you’ve mastered those, add one or two more. Combine one nutritional approach with one physical approach if possible. For example, cut red meat and jog four times week. Once you have that into your routine, cut dairy and do yoga three times a week.

Be sure to make your goals specific. Saying you’ll eat healthy doesn’t do much for your goals. Make a list of foods you’ll avoid and foods you’ll add to or increase in your diet. Determine how much of each food group you’ll be taking in. Also, hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals with friends or keeping a log of your progress. Most importantly, believe in yourself. If you slip up, don’t give up. Believe that you have the willpower to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Moving Forward

You can find a variety of tips specific for each goal. For example, to eat a well-balanced diet, cook at home. Then you’ll know exactly what ingredients are being used, and you can monitor the portions. If you plan on going out, look up the menu before you go and have a plan for what you’ll order.

To stick to an exercise routine, hire a personal trainer who can motivate you and hold you accountable, as well as provide a monetary motivation; you don’t want to waste the money you spent on the trainer by not showing up! Have a lazy day backup plan so when you don't feel like making the trip to the gym, you'll have the resources to spend 30 minutes exercising from home. After all, doing a lighter workout at home is better than missing your workout altogether.

When you decide to quit smoking, freshen up your home. Wash your clothes and steam the furniture and carpet. “The smell of tobacco smoke, even when stale, can be a trigger for your cravings,” suggests QuitDay. When you quit, your appetite will increase, so be prepared by having a healthy go-to snack always on hand to avoid unhealthy snacking and weight gain.

Life Improvements

 When you quit smoking, you’re doing your body a huge favour. Within the first three weeks of quitting, heart rate and blood pressure return to normal, taste and smell will improve, and you won’t smell like cigarettes anymore. After one month, your lungs will begin to repair themselves, so you can breathe and exercise easier. Within five to 15 years, your risk of stroke and developing heart disease and certain smoking-related cancers are the same as a nonsmoker.

Working out helps you battle temptations, so if you’re quitting smoking or cutting sugar, use exercise as a distraction. Exercise and healthy eating fight depression, stress, anxiety, and allergy symptoms. They also lower the risk of developing certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and brain diseases. Both are good for your eyes, improve sleep, and strengthen bones, as well as save you money by keeping you healthy and away from the doctor.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, you’re setting a good example for others. Your circle of friends, family members, and neighbors observe what you do and take note. Taking up exercise, eating healthy, or quitting smoking encourages others to do the same. The most important benefit of striving to be healthy is living a longer and happier life. So don’t give up on your resolution. Use springtime to rejuvenate your resolution and start living a healthier and happier life.


Paige Johnson loves offering her advice on weight lifting and strength training.


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