Intermittent Fasting - Fat Loss Hacks!

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, May 13 2017

There is always pressure on us to eat well and eat regularly, some experts suggest eating every 2-3 hours to keep energy levels up, keep a positive nitrogen balance and to feel good.

This pressure is sometimes tiresome and not always possible as we lead busy demanding lives.

So is there another way?


Use Springtime to Rejuvenate Your Resolution to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Written by Paige Johnson - Guest Writer from the U.S.A.
Tuesday, May 02 2017

Photo Credit: leandrodecarvalhophoto,Pixabay

At the start of the year, you made a resolution, just like 41 percent of all Americans. But now spring has arrived, and your resolution bit the dust a few months back.  According to Statistic Brain, you’re not alone. Only 9.2 percent of people felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions in 2016. Don’t fret. You can rejuvenate your resolution this spring and get back on track toward living a healthier lifestyle. And this time, you’ll be successful.

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