What does it take to be great…….

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, November 01 2015

In this month’s Sweat Blog, we start a two part write up & look at what it takes to be great.

How do you really keep motivated in your training? How do you become great at what you do?  What does it take to push yourself this extra step  further? What mind changing thing makes you do this and why? There really is only one way to find out.

In this part , we talk to 4 people first hand , who have pushed the boundaries of their training to find out how they keep to the beat with their love affair of fitness.


What’s Sup ! Welcome to the wonderful world of Protein Supplements.

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, November 01 2015


This Month we are talking about protein supplements and accessories.

At Sweat Blog we want to do some of the leg work for you. Combined between us ,  Sweat Room, sweat blog & the sweat Pro's have well over 50 years experience of the health and fitness industry. Plus through the years we have munched our way through some of the finest protein snacks , protein shakes & products the sports supplement market has to offer.

Heaven help us, We also have tried the worst in our effort to find the best , so take it from us we really have done all the homework for you!.


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