Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, December 06 2015

Personal Training is a serious business, there are personal trainers! Then there are the Sweat Room Sweat Pro’s!.  Here at Sweatblog, any opportunity to find out about what goes on in the inside of Sweat Room  PT and I'm there.

This month I returned to SR HQ to interview the latest addition to the Sweat Room Sweat Pro Team, Lauren Ellingham.

Lauren has been working as a sweat pro now for 4 months and with her contagious motivation and passion for fitness, has swiftly become a much sought after personal trainer.

So, No bars left uncurled,  I quizzed Lauren past her cardiac threshold and found out the where, when, who and why of Lauren , her personal training style , how you can benefit  from training with her & what exactly it takes to be a Sweat Pro!



Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, December 06 2015

OK , you can forget the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 days of fitness is where it's at.

Sweatblog HQ  have picked 12 hottest gift ideas for the fitness addict in your life. So wrap up warm with a protein hot chocolate and get the cellotape out ready , cause you got it wrapped up and ready for Fitness Day! No excuses…..



Written by Lou O'Shea.
Saturday, December 05 2015

Let's face it ladies , if you are training hard you know that Correct Gym wear is a necessity not just a want. You really do need garments that can go the distance,  realistically something that you can forget you are actually wearing! . Think the garment becomes you! .

You need to train hard and have no worry about clothing doing odd things, whilst getting those squats in. Clothing with moving comfort to keep you in pole position!. Fabrics that support you are a must, advanced moisture wicking fabrics for temperature control that really move with you. Whether your “bad” is running, lifting , ballet fusion , power bounce , yoga, after gym social  or ermmm the splits. Whatever your pose or move. This month , I have gone undercover to  investigate  the best training pants. I had the opportunity to quiz 7 of the hottest,  current  Brand Founders & Designers about their garments and why we should be wearing their range. So forget everything you ever thought you knew about gym wear and listen to the 7 designers that you really need to know about.


What does it take to be great…….

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, November 01 2015

In this month’s Sweat Blog, we start a two part write up & look at what it takes to be great.

How do you really keep motivated in your training? How do you become great at what you do?  What does it take to push yourself this extra step  further? What mind changing thing makes you do this and why? There really is only one way to find out.

In this part , we talk to 4 people first hand , who have pushed the boundaries of their training to find out how they keep to the beat with their love affair of fitness.


What’s Sup ! Welcome to the wonderful world of Protein Supplements.

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Sunday, November 01 2015


This Month we are talking about protein supplements and accessories.

At Sweat Blog we want to do some of the leg work for you. Combined between us ,  Sweat Room, sweat blog & the sweat Pro's have well over 50 years experience of the health and fitness industry. Plus through the years we have munched our way through some of the finest protein snacks , protein shakes & products the sports supplement market has to offer.

Heaven help us, We also have tried the worst in our effort to find the best , so take it from us we really have done all the homework for you!.


Challenge Yourself - You Got This!

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Thursday, October 01 2015

Introduction -The Story So far.....

As I have truly discovered, the Sweat Room Trainers don't just talk about it , they also are about it! . Not satisfied with just heading the Sweat Room classes​ such as​ Power Bounce,​ Sweat Fit &​ TRX​ plus all of those​ PT sessions​  Sweat Room has on offer. On a regular basis you will see Sweat Pro’s Paula, Alex, Tom & Lauren , participate in active challenge's outside of sweat room's door. This could be for a good cause , like the British heart foundation​ or simply to push themselves out of their own comfort zone in their training.The events are fun, team spirited , motivating but challenging, for all levels of fitness and ultimately you walk away with an amazing feeling of "yes , we smashed it". After all people as far as I can see , there is no i in Team!.

Bounce! You got the Power!

Written by Lou O'Shea.
Thursday, October 01 2015

Erm excuse me but ... ..... There is definitely too much fun & laughter going on in the Sweat Room Studio classes. I thought exercise was just a whole lot of hard work! , but am I wrong ..... sounds like Sweat Room make it fun too. In this month’s review I go undercover to investigate & discover it's ALL about the Power Bounce!  

Sweat Room's latest class Power Bounce​ gives you a true heart raising mix of cardio ,strength & toning using mini trampolines & power plates , giving you a whole body effective workout.

Sweat Blog HQ meets Sweat Room Personal Trainer Tom Dickie

Written by Lou O’Shea.
Saturday, August 22 2015

Here at Sweat Blog HQ, I have been keeping a beady eye on those Personal Trainers at Sweat Room.

We all know that Personal trainer’s talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk, are PT sessions just for the glamorous or can we all benefit from this type of training? Plus, do these trainers work as hard as we do on their fitness goals behind the closed gym door! Or is it all sofa surfing kettle chips & Netflix when our backs are turned.

Train insane but please don’t remain the same

Written by Lou O’Shea.
Sunday, July 26 2015

Don’t eat this , eat that! , don’t eat carbs eat fat , no sleep , some sleep, train every day or 3 times a week. Do we rewind to when grandma told us to eat our greens, drink endless red bull , have early nights or is there another story? Who should you believe & what should you really be doing to support all the hard work you put in at your training room.

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