5 Natural ways to Increase your Testosterone (T) levels

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Thursday, December 07 2017

We get to an age in about our mid thirties when our T levels start to decrease, which can mean a decrease in muscle mass, increase in fat storage, decrease in strength, decrease in focus and sex drive. It’s even been linked to edginess, anger, irritability and aggression.


So how can we naturally increase our T levels to counteract these negatives?




Written by Alex Livingstone.
Sunday, September 17 2017

If you are on ketogenic diet and you want to be successful, 75% of your calories should be coming from fat.   So a keto fat infusion bomb might be just what you need. Before the recipe and method let's cover some the benefits from the ingredients used.  



3 Foods To Help With Water Retention & Bloat

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, August 05 2017

How do you drop excess water -  A Diuretic?

First what is a Diuretic and how does it work?

A Diuretic helps your body to get rid of sodium and chloride and usually water along with it. It's usually prescribed to people with hypertension or other health issues.


So we want to drop some water after a big Chinese meal, or we just feel bloated and full. So how can we create this effect without taking a medicine?



Our Top 6 - Low Glycemic index fruits to help you keep lean and healthy.

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, July 08 2017

It's summer and we wanna eat fresh fruit right?  So what are the best fruits we can eat without affecting our blood sugar too much so there's less risk of the sugar turning to fat?



Fat Burning Hacks! - Combining Intermittent Fasting with a Ketogenic Diet

Written by Alex Livingstone.
Saturday, June 03 2017

We talked last time about intermittent fasting and what that means.  So how can we combine fasting and a ketogenic diet to maximise fat loss, Increase energy and make you feel great?

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